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Zukunftsbau GmbH - What we do / Transnational cooperation
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Transnational cooperation
Dr. Christin Müller
Tel: +49 (0) 30 707 258 - 234
Email: cmueller @ zukunftsbau.de

In 1995 Zukunftsbau created an international cooperation network with five other vocational training establishments. This European network (European Building and Services Association, EBSA) continually works together independently of funded projects.

Despite working within different national and institutional frameworks (vocational training enterprises, practical training centres, construction schools, foundations or professional training institutions) the partners laid down the following practically orientated goals for themselves:
  • to compare the different vocational training systems and to share practical experience through six monthly technical conferences and seminars 
  • to organise exchanges for trainees, especially in socio-culturally relevant projects
  • to put into practice vocational training schemes in accordance with country-specific practices and regulations 
  • to develop together innovative approaches to vocational training and qualification

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