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Zukunftsbau GmbH - What we do / Program
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Zukunftsbau is a youth work facilitator and accredited apprenticing company established in 1986 committed to the holistic and vocational training of disadvantaged young people and the long-term unemployed with the aim of integration into the job market.

Zukunftsbau offers counselling services, vocational training in the ‘dual system’, vocational guidance and modular qualification programmes with integrated social welfare support. All Zukunftsbau services lay the foundations for holistic and life-long learning to enable participants not just to achieve vocational qualifications but also to become responsible members of society.

Employment-qualification-work placements
Employment, qualification and work placement services for the unemployed between 15 and 65 in cooperation with Jobcentres in Berlin

Vocational orientation and preparation
A modular approach to vocational and personal development on behalf of the youth welfare office

Career-path planning and support
A service for young people from 14-27 on behalf of the youth welfare office, the employment agency and the Jobcentre

'Dual-system' vocational training
Initial vocational training or completion of qualifying modules for young people on behalf of the youth welfare office

Educational/vocational integration for chronic truants
Service for those aged 14 to 17 not attending school to enable them to obtain a certificate of secondary education

Skills appraisal and profiling
Service for young people and adults by commission of the youth welfare office, employment agency and Jobcentre

Acquisition of School Leaving Certificates
Service for young people who are no longer required by law to go to school to enable them to re-take their school leaving certificate

German as a foreign language
Service for young and adult immigrants who participate in programmes at Zukunftsbau

Project development and international Cooperation
The development of innovative concepts, curricula and services at a regional, national and European level, the execution of pilot and mobility projects in the European network with the aim of implementing practically orientated vocational training

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